Midnight Releasing and Brain Damaged Films kicked off this 4th Of July with a bang, by releasing a brand new Horror/Thriller “ The Wake “

You can find it Now, on all major VOD Platforms:

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The Wake Is a 2017 U.S. Horror film directed by Faouzi Brahimi and Bryan Brewer. Runtime: 96 minutes

So the film revolves around a group of 5 friends who attend a Wake of a young boy who was killed a few days prior. Soon they find themselves in a horrifying position. People go missing and tension begins to build when it becomes very clear, this was no ordinary invitation. Brutal intentions await the startled guests. As the group begins to be picked off one by one by a masked slasher, the remaining friends decide to fight back as a last ditch effort to save themselves. Believing it’s best to kill than to be killed. Only, little do they know the horrific terror which awaits for them in the end. It does start off a little slow but begins to pick up the pace nicely as the plot begins to unravel with some twist and turns and just when you thought you have all figured out, you don’t and then film unleashes one last wicked surprise. All and all this is not a bad film. Sure it’s a B movie (minus the over the top cheesiness you would expect) but it has this certain sort of It Factor to it that will keep your attention to the very end. It’s definitely about as good as a B movie gets.

IMDB Listing: The Wake

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