The Void is a Canadian indie horror/action film. Written and directed by Steven Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie. It stars: Kenneth Welsh ( Dr. Richard Powell ) Aaron Poole ( Officer Daniel Carter )  Kathleen Munroe ( Allison ) and Ellen Wong ( Kim )

Things take a very bizarre turn when a police officer finds a man crawling along the side of the road then brings him to a nearby hospital which is in the process of moving due to a fire.  Shortly after their arrival, they find themselves surrounded by cult-like figures who are intent on keeping the staff from leaving forcing them to confront the evil that lurks within.

For the most part, this a fast-paced fight for survival. It has a retro vibe of the 70s & 80s iconic horror greats like The Thing, Hellraiser, Re-Animator, and Halloween. It has its fair share of gore and suspense backed up by excellent fx makeup and eerie tones.

Overall, it’s a well rounded solid thrill-ride. The acting is decent not overly campy, the roles were well casted to match the film’s persona. The trailer raises high expectations, unfortunately, the film falls just a bit short of being A great film. Other than that it definitely is worth watching. If you are a true fan of horror, you won’t be disappointed. Now playing in theaters across the U.S.