Written and directed by Michael McQuown with Vincent J. Guastini

Running Time: 98 Minutes

Released: March 17, 2017

Budget: $65.000

The “Dark Tapes” is an American found footage horror anthology. It brings a unique spin to an over bloated genre that has been crying out for something new. It is centered around one main story (To Catch A Demon) with 3 sub stories (The Hunters & The Hunted, Cam Girls, and Amanda’s Revenge) which all tie together at the end. The main storyline centers Around a Dr. and his student who is conducting research on night terrors. The first segment involves a couple who moves into their new home only to discover a supernatural presence lurking within. When things begin to get threatening they turn to the aid of a paranormal investigation team. Segment two tells of a lesbian couple who are Web Cam models hold a contest where the winner will receive one very special cam session. Lastly, the third segment is about a young woman who was victim to a recent abduction searches for some answers to what really happened to her on that terrifying night The best way to describe it is to imagine VHS with a Quentin Tarantino kind of pacing and structure. The Dark Tapes is a perfect example of using limited resources and making them work to their fullest, proving that bigger isn’t always better. The movie relies heavily on its storytelling, and not on fancy unnecessary special effects to win you over. Nor will it make you nauseated from extreme shaking of the camera unlike many similar films of this genre. Throw in its solid cast and you have a Found Footage film worth watching.

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