A new sci-fi thriller starring rising young star Dan Ewing begins filming in Australia (South East Queensland) this week. The film is being produced by Truant Productions. Writer and director Robert Braiden say, “‘1’ is unique in that it truly shows the very last person on earth – literally no one else is left. Films such as ‘The Quiet Earth’, ‘I Am Legend’, ‘The World The Flesh and The Devil’ all hint that they are last-person-on-earth films, yet all end up introducing other characters. ‘1’ is different. From the action and dangerous excitement of high-speed racing to the quiet and solitude of the natural world, ‘1’ will be a profoundly moving and powerful look at life, love, destiny and being able to let go of the material world in order to find new truths.”

This film is about the last man on Earth and his perilous journey for redemption while trying to stay one step ahead of a malevolent alien invasion.