Directed by David Zuckerman. Written by Benjamin Goodman, Jud Zumwalt, and David Zuckerman. It also stars the director as “ Jake “ The film starts off with a group of teens. preparing for a trip to Uncle Jack’s cabin, deep in the woods over President’s Day.  Absolutely clueless to what they are about to encounter, the death toll will soon begin. Once there, they unknowingly awaken a deadly force. Former presidents rise from the dead and are angry as hell. The group is forced to fight for their lives. With options running thin, John Wilkes Booth is summoned from the grave to aid them in their bloody battle. The film relies heavily on wacky over the top humor. An offering of Outrageous characters that will win your cheers. It’s non-stop laugh a minute craziness for the humorously insane. It’s a great combo of blood guts and chuckles. This movie is tons of puns to watch. Hilarious from start to finish. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and cringe a bit. These presidents are Four Scored and out for gore. Laugh, Laugh, Die, Die!!
President’s Day is an American horror/ comedy by Brain-Damage Films.
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