Norman Bates was the popular character from Robert Bloch’s novel, Psycho but was also widely received by the audience when the book was adapted into a movie bearing the same title.


In the novel as well as the movie, Psycho, it was revealed that Bates was emotionally abused when he was young by his overly protective and intensely religious mother. When his father died, Bates continued his life with his mother. He got jealous when his mother forged a relationship with a man named Joe Considine. Out of jealousy, Bates murdered his mother and her lover. He then made it looked like that her mother killed the man then committed suicide afterwards. He was hospitalized and after his release, started managing the motel that was left to him.

In the movie, Bates had a crush on a guest and decided to have dinner with her despite his mother’s supposedly warnings. After secretly watching Mary Crane took a bath, his mother came in and killed her. When Bates discovered her corpse, he got rid of all the evidence as well as her body.

Crane’s sister then came searching after her. With the help of Sam Loomis, Lila discovered the truth about Bates when his mother’s personality took over him and tried to kill both of them. Bates was eventually subdued by the authorities and was locked up in a mental institution.

Psycho II took place 22 years after Bates was apprehended and sent to a mental institution. In the movie, Bates was finally released and was already trying to set up a new life. He developed feelings for a girl named Mary Loomis but the sudden occurrence of a number of murders around town set him on edge again. It was revealed that Lila Crane was trying to get him institutionalized again. However, it was his aunt Emma Spool who was killing people. Spool also murdered Mary and she told Bates that she was his true biological mother. All hell broke out and Bates killed Spool before he preserved her body and changed personalities again.

In Psycho III, Bates tried to get rid of his mother from his mind. This led to other murders and the appearance of journalist that went by the name Tracy Venable. Tracy revealed to him that Spool was not really his mother and she just thought of him as her son when she kidnapped him after his father denied her love for him.

Psycho IV: The Beginning showed a now normally living Bates who was married to a psychologist. When he found out that his wife was carrying their child, he tried to kill in an attempt to get rid of the mental illness that seemed to run in his family. However, his wife convinced him to spare her and their child’s.