Michael Myers was the popular antagonist of the Halloween movie series. His first appearance was in the movie Halloween which was shown in theaters in 1978. Michael Myers started murdering when he killed his older sister when he was just a young boy. After fifteen years, he came back to his former home and began killing again.


In the first Halloween movie, Michael Myers killed teenagers fifteen years after he murdered his own sister. The psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis discovered his deeds and confronted him as he tried to kill the babysitter Laurie Strode. Loomis managed to shoot him but Michael disappeared from the balcony where he fell.

In Halloween II, Michael came back and resumed trying to kill Laurie who was currently confined in a hospital. He made his way through the hospital, killing people along the way. It was revealed in the movie that Jamie was in fact, Michael’s younger sister. Dr. Loomis then let Jamie escape before making the whole hospital explode along with him and Michael.

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Michael woke up from a coma and started hunting for Laurie’s daughter, Jamie. He killed a number of policemen before he was gunned down by the state police. Following his escape from the last movie, Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers showed Michael still chasing Jamie. Michael was eventually apprehended but a mysterious person let him out of the police station. His savior was revealed in the movie Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. It turned out to be a certain Dr. Terence Wynn who manipulated Michael so he could get to Jamie and impregnate her through the Cult of Thorn. Before Michael could kill Jamie, she hid her newborn child who would eventually be discovered by Tommy Doyle. Tommy Doyle associated Michael’s supernatural abilities and desire to decimate his family with the cult.

In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Michael tracked down Laurie who was revealed to have faked her death in order to get away from Michael. She now had a son, John, who was living with her in California. Michael followed her in the boarding school where she worked went on a killing spree again before Laurie managed to decapitate him. In Halloween: Resurrection, it was revealed that Michael did not really die. He killed the then institutionalized Laurie before coming back to Haddonfield and started killing people who were a part of a currently ongoing internet reality show.

Rob Zombie also made a remake of Halloween which showed Michael’s history as a child. After murdering his mother and her partner, he received counseling from Dr. Loomis but to no avail. When he grew up, he tried to reunite with his sister but it ended up with Laurie shooting him. The movie was followed by Halloween II, also directed by Zombie, where Michael received an omen from his mother telling him that he must find his sister. When he tracked down Laurie, she killed Michael by stabbing him numerous times on the body and on the face.