Leatherface was the villain in the popular movie series, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was well-known for skin masks that he wore and the movie and chainsaw that he used to murder people, some of which he ate with his family.

On the original film, Leatherface’s true face was never shown. His previous worked included being a butcher at the meat factory.

After killing people, Leatherface’s family used the bones of his victims in constructing some house furniture along with other animal parts. Then, his family stripped off the meat from the victims and his brother Drayton, sold them at the restaurant situated along with the gas station in their hometown. His brother also entered his dishes on cooking contests with the judges having no idea that there’ human meat in their meals. In addition to Drayton, Leatherface lived with his brother, grandfather, his wheelchair-bound mother, and his daughter whose name was not mentioned in the movie.

In the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a group of friends led by Sally Franklin Hardesty got into conflict with one of Leatherface’s brothers, Nubbins, when they set out to check their grandfather’s grave. Their trouble escalated and Leatherface stared them one by one until it was Sally who was the only one left. Sally escaped and was pursued by Nubbins. Nubbins slashed her back as he got nearer to her but he was run over by a truck. Sally hitched on the truck but the driver left her not long after. Before Leatherface could overcome her, Sally managed to fully escape by jumping into the bed of pickup truck. Leatherface became frustrated and started swinging his chain saw at all directions. This seen would mark the famous “chainsaw dance” that the fans greatly loved.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Leatherface’s and his family’s life continued. His brother Drayton became an award-winning chef while he began having feelings for one of his victims. Before the movie ends, Leatherface was caught in explosion after he was left injured by a fight with one of his victim’s uncle.

The Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, came out as reboot and a sequel to the previous films. Here, Leatherface was shown to have an extended family and a daughter.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation tackled a bit more different plotline, showing a Leatherface who was living as a transvestite with another family and a part of an Illuminati conspiracy theory with aims of spreading horror to the community.

Texas Chainsaw 3D was set right after Sally’s escape in the first movie. Here, Sally managed to reach the police and inform them of what happened to her and her friends. However, before the police could take any proper action against Leatherface and his family, the townspeople came and set Leatherface’s house on fire. This caused shoot-out that left only Leatherface, his sister and her baby alive. The sister was kicked to death and the baby was brought up by one of the vigilantes who killed the Sawyer family. When the baby-named Heather- grew up, she learned the truth about her biological family and went to claim the estate that was left by her grandmother. However, she found out that Leatherface was still and alive and from that moment on, he began killing people again. It was also in that movie that Leatherface’s true name was revealed, Jedidiah Sawyer.