John Kramer (The Jigsaw Killer or Jigsaw) is the popular villain in the Saw movie series played by the actor Tobin Bell. The jigsaw was originally a civil engineer who was suffering from a frontal lobe tumor that was currently threatening his life. When he failed to kill his self, he developed a new perspective about life. He then came to conclusion that other people must feel and realize the ecstasy and the appreciation that he felt after having a second shot at life. He conducted tests that were meant to examine people’s moral flaws. In most of these test, people were required to injure other people or even themselves in order to fulfill Jigsaw’s tests.


Jigsaw’s first appearance was in the movie Saw. He was presented as a person who kidnapped people and trapped them with machines that were set to kill them or other people if they were not able to accomplish the tests that he gave them. However, it was not his intention to take the life of any person. He just wanted them to gain enough appreciation for their lives and to fight for them. In the first Saw movie, jigsaw only revealed his true self at the end where it was shown that he was pretending a corpse in a room with his two victims.

In Saw II, the Jigsaw’s history was unveiled. It was shown that his hostage doctor was the one who diagnosed him with a brain tumor. Because of that he tried to kill himself but to no avail. Then afterwards, started his work as the Jigsaw Killer. A detective also managed to locate him but after engaging him a trap and endangering the life of the detective’s son, Jigsaw was attacked by Detective Matthews. However, a woman named Amanda Young came to rescue. Amanda was one of Jigsaw’s victims who managed to pass his test. After she escaped death, Amanda started following Jigsaw on his quests.

In Saw III, Jigsaw contemplated whether Amanda was fit to succeed him as he lay dying in a hospital. He conducted a test to see her capability while other victims were forced to participate in his and Amanda’s games. At the end, Jigsaw did not think that Amanda could replace him so he shot her in the neck.

In Saw IV, Jigsaw’s autopsy uncovered a tape inside his stomach that was meant for another accomplice of his and who turned out to be a certain Lieutenant Mark Hoffman. Saw IV also revealed more about Jigsaw’s personal life. Here, it was shown that he once had a wife but she divorced him not long after they lost their child.

Though already dead, Jigsaw also appeared in flashback in Saw V. it was revealed how Lieutenant Hoffman became his accomplice after killing his sister’s murderers via a trap that looked like one of Jigsaw’s.

The flashbacks were followed through Saw VI where it was shown other events that led to John Kramer’s transition into Jigsaw. The movie also showed his relationship with Amanda Young and Mike Hoffman and how he had convinced his wife, Jill, to aid him in giving tests to his victims.

Jigsaw’s last appearance in movies was in Saw 3D where he trapped a man who earned a lot of money by making false stories about escaping one of his tests. It was also shown in the movie how he had chosen Dr. Gordon- the doctor from the first movie- to look after his wife and to take care of Hoffman in case he went astray.