Ghostface was popularly known as the masked serial killer in the Scream movie series. He was first portrayed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher when they started killing people in the town of Woodsboro.


Ghostface first appeared in the movie Scream. It was the mask worn by the serial killer who was plaguing the town of Woodsboro. In the movie, Sidney Prescott received a strange phone call from Ghostface who purported to know what really happened when her mother was raped and murdered. She suspected the people around her and before the story of the movie was concluded, she found out that the people behind Ghostface were no other than her boyfriend Billy Loomis and her schoolmate, Stu Macher. The two also revealed that they were the ones who raped and killed her mother. In order to defeat Ghostface, Sidney pretended to be the serial killer for awhile. She managed to kill Stu while Gale Weathers, a journalist, prevented Bill from killing her by lodging a bullet into his head.

In Scream 2, another series of murders happened around Windsor College, where Sidney was currently studying. She suspected the people around her again until she found out that it was Mickey, a friend of her boyfriend Derek, who was killing people. Mickey was aided by Mrs. Loomis who wanted to avenge his son’s death. Mrs. Loomis was eventually killed by Sidney while Mickey, who was previously shot by Mrs. Loomis, was shot by Gale.

In Scream 3, Cotton, the person who was previously blamed for Sidney’s mother’s death, was killed by another Ghostface. The killer then peppered the murder scene with photographs of Sidney’s mother. Sidney was drawn out from her hiding and she found out that the new Ghostface was her half-brother, Roman Bridger, who was given up by their mother as soon as he was born. It was also Roman who insinuated to Billy to rape and murder their mother. Sidney managed to kill Roman before the movie ended.

In Scream 4, another Ghostface started recreating what had transpired fifteen years ago with the murders in Woodsboro. The new killer also shot footages of the new serial killings. It was revealed that the people behind the new Ghostface was Sidney’s cousin, Jill, and her friend Charlie who wanted to kill Sidney and implicate Jill’s ex-boyfriend with the murders. However, Jill killed her partner at the end and also managed to fatally wound Sidney. She also injured herself to make it look like she was also a victim. In the hospital, Jill learned that Sidney survived from her attack. Horrified, Jill tried to commit suicide but Sidney’s friend prevented her from doing so until the time came that Sidney put a bullet to her heart.