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Back in the 70s A Delta Blues musician by the name of “ Eugene Burns “( AKA Devil Of The Delta ) sold his soul to Satan. It was rumored that he was responsible for a series of unsolved killings. He was eventually captured by a preacher who was successful in bringing the demon’s killing spree to an end.

Years later the Granddaughter to the deceased preacher while performing an innocent Wiccan seance stumbles across a guitar hidden in the attic and accidentally reawakens its evil once again. Now with the horror reborn she must unravel the mystery and protect her loved ones before it’s too late.

Surprisingly the cinematography is outstanding not what you would expect coming from a low-budget indie film.The film starts off very fast paced the first 10 minutes are very intense and extremely brutal. It does a pretty good job in developing its characters they are interesting and unfold its story nicely very easy to follow along.This is not a quick moving slash flick but if you’re in the mood for a solid mystery/thriller look no further you just hit a home run.

The Ghost Note was Winner Of BareBones International Film & Music Festival 2016. Written and directed by Troy Hart. Starring Alicia Underwood, Justin Duncan and Kenny Gardner. Runtime 105 Minutes Filmed on location in Dallas, Texas.

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