David Paul Cronenberg is popular filmmaker, screenwriter, actor and author best known for being one of the minds in the body horror and venereal horror genre in the industry of filmmaking. He directed a number of award winning films like the Crash (2006) which won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


Cronenberg originally came from Toronto, Canada. He was the son of Esther and Milton Cronenberg. Cronenberg attended the Harbord Collegiate Institute and took up botany and lepidopterology at the University of Toronto before shifting to Honors English Language and Literature.

The movie Winter Kept Us Warm (1996) stimulated Cronenberg’s interest in filmmaking. He eventually did various activities related to filmmaking before taking a tour of Europe for a year.

Cronenberg got married in 1972 to Margaret Hindson. Their marriage gave rise to a daughter, Cassandra, before it ended in 1979. His second wife is Carolyn Zeifman to whom he had two children, Caitlin and Brandon.


Cronenberg’s first steps pursuing filmmaking included making sketch films and short art-house features like Stereo and Crimes of the Future. During the 1970s, he directed films like Shivers, Fast Company, and Rabid which covered a wide range of genres from body horrors to car races and bike gangs. Rabid proved to be his key in gaining popularity which would be followed by two other horror films.

Cronenberg directed films wherein the story was usually tampered by a scientist making alterations to the human body which eventually caused chaos in the society. Some of the films which more or less revolved around such kind of premise were The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome, a remake of The Fly, and Dead Ringers. He also made films that meddle with different kinds of realities like eXistenZ, M. Butterfly, and Spider.

He also made an adaptation of William S. Burroughs highly controversial book, Naked Lunch.

Most of Cronenberg’s film did not have much budget but one of them, A History of Violence which was released in 2005, and the highly acclaimed Eastern Promises, were one of his highest budgeted works.

He released the adaptation of the play Talking Cure, A Dangerous Method, in 2008. It was followed by the premiere of Cosmopolis at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

In addition to horror films, Cronenberg decided to try directing dramas with his film Maps to the Stars shown in theaters in 2013.

Aside from directing films, Cronenberg also made cameo appearances in movies like Into the Night, Jason X, To Die For, Blood and Donuts, Alias and other unnoticeable presence in some of his films.

Cronenberg also directed short films like Transfer (1966), From the Drain (1967), Camera (2000), To Each His Own Cinema (2007), and The Nest (2013).