Charles Lee Ray (The Lakeshore Strangler or Chucky) was the killer doll portrayed in the Child’s Play movie series. He came into life when the spirit of an infamous serial killer possessed a “Good Guy” doll. In the movies, his character continuously tried to transfer his soul to a live human body.


Chucky’s first appearance was in the movie Child’s Play which was shown in theaters in 1988. While trying to escape the police, Charles Lee Ray or the Lakeshore Strangler was shot by Detective Mike Norris. Abandoned by his comrades and mortally wounded, Ray sought refuge in a toy store where he transferred his soul to a Good Guy doll using voodoo magic.

The possessed doll was then bought by a woman named Karen for his son Andy. The doll killed the boy’s babysitter but the authorities thought that the boy was the culprit. Andy, on the other hand, insisted that the doll was alive but she refused to believe him. Chucky then persuaded Andy to take him to Eddie’s house where he caused up an explosion that killed Eddie. Andy was implicated since he was again found at a crime scene. After he was placed in a mental institution, his mother found out that Chucky was really alive.

Chucky escaped from Andy’s house and tracked down Detective Mike. He snuck inside the man’s car and tried to kill him while he was driving. The car crashed but Mike survived. He then shot Chucky on the shoulder. Chucky ran away to save his life and sought the help of his mentor, John, in voodoo practices. John refused to help him so Chucky threatened to take John’s life. John told Chucky that he must transfer his soul to the body of the first person who saw him as a live doll or he would be trapped in his current form for eternity. Chucky realized that it Andy whom he needed to possess and he set out to find him. Before John could die from the wounds inflicted upon him by Chucky, Mike and Karen came to the scene and they learned from the dying man that they only to kill Chucky was through a direct stab to the heart.

Chucky tried to kill Andy in the hospital but the boy managed to escape. He went back to their house where he found an already waiting evil doll. Before Chucky could execute him, Mike and Karen arrived and saved Andy from the doll. Karen tried to burn Chucky but he survived the fire. More struggle ensued until he was already shot in the heart by Mike and his fellow cop, Jack Santos.

In Child’s Play 2, Chucky was resurrected when his creators tried to rebuild him from his burnt remains. He tracked down Andy’s new home and posed as the boy’s “Tommy Good Guy” doll. Chucky tried to possess Andy again but his sister Kyle came just in time to interrupt the possession.

In school, Chucky sabotaged Andy so he would go to detention. Then he set on killing Andy’s teacher. After he got home, Andy got into an argument with his foster father but Chucky caused him to fall down the stairs. Andy’s foster mother thought that he killed her husband so she sent him back to the foster home.

Meanwhile, Kyle discovered that Chucky was really alive but before Chucky murdered her mother before she could inform her about Chucky. Afterwards, Chucky forced Kyle to bring him to Andy’s location where he tried to possess the boy’s body again. He kidnapped Andy and brought him to the Play Pals factory. There, Chucky realized that he was already permanently trapped in the doll’s body. There Chucky was destroyed by pouring molten plastic on him and exploding his head.

In Child’s Play 3, where Chucky’s soul survived and possessed a new doll. He then tracked again to a military school where he sent himself as a gift package. However, a recruit that went by the name Tyler decided against giving the doll to Andy.

As Tyler took care of the doll, Chucky went on planning his revenge on Andy. Not long after, Chucky sabotaged a military activity wherein he swapped the paintballs with real bullets. The event baffled the people and while everyone was still in shock, Chucky hurled a grenade to the people. A guy named Harold saved his comrades by covering the grenade with his body. Tyler saw Chucky’s true color and tried to get away from him. Howeve, Chucky ran after him with the goal of using Tyler as his new vessel. Andy caught up with him and beat chucky by pulverizing his body with bullets and throwing what’s left of his body to large revolving fan.

The Bride of Chucky took place a month after Chucky was sliced to death. His remains were recovered by his girlfriend, Tiffany, who tried to resurrect him using voodoo magic. She was disappointed when nothing happened to the doll that she put a spell on. Also that night, a man named Damian came to Tiffany’s and tried to show a picture of a person that he supposedly had killed. Knowing that Damian was lying, Tiffany tried to go back to resurrecting Chuck. It turned out that Chucky was alive and he killed Damian after Tiffany seduced and toyed with him.

After their brief reunion, Tiffany locked up Chucky in a crib when she learned that he had given her a stolen engagement ring before. She even mocked him by giving him a female doll to accompany him.

Chucky took his revenge on her by killing her and transferring her soul to the female doll that Tiffany gave him. Tiffany was very furious with what happened to her but she still followed Chucky because he knew how they could transfer their souls to live human bodies.

When Tiffany’s neighbor, Jesse, and his girlfriend, Jade, went to bring Chucky and Tiffany to Hackensack cemetery in New Jersey, the dolls decided to possess the bodies of the couple.

On the way, the two dolls murdered a number of people and when Jesse and Jade learned about the murders that were currently happening to them, they began suspecting each other. The tension between them increased when another murder masterminded by the dolls transpired at the hotel where they were staying.

The couple fled the scene and it was not long after before the dolls showed their true selves to them. They took the couple hostage as they continued their journey. Jesse and Jade manipulated the dolls to start fighting. While the two were busy arguing, Jesse took the opportunity to shove Tiffany to the stove and burn her. He then hurled Chucky out the window but not before the doll tried to shot him.

The mobile home they were riding on crashed when Jesse dodged the bullet. Afterwards, he helped Jade to escape Tiffany who survived from the burning oven. However, when they got out, Jade was taken hostage by Chucky who forced along the cemetery to search for his grave. Jesse followed them, bringing Tiffany along with him.

When Jesse caught up with Chucky, he traded Tiffany for Jade. Chucky conceded but the couple were still tied up as Chucky went on the ritual of his voodoo magic. However, Tiffany surprisingly stabbed him in the back which eventually led to a battle between the two dolls. Chucky won and Tiffany was mortally wounded. Jesse then took his chance and he hit Chucky who unfortunately fell to his grave. At that moment, a policeman came and learned the truth about the murders. He let Jesse and Jade go while he was left behind to wait for his back up. He was surprised by Tiffany who suddenly awoke and started laboring. To the policeman’s horror, she gave birth to a doll child.

Seed of Chucky took place six years after the Bride of Chucky. Chucky and Tiffany’s child searched for his parents. After their reunion, Chucky wanted Glen/Glenda to learn how to kill while Tiffany insisted that they should stop murdering people. When Chucky became resigned in living life as a doll, Tiffany took Glen with her and abandoned him. Chucky was enraged by this so she tracked her down and killed her. Glen was horrified by what his father did and he killed him using an axe. Fortunately, Tiffany managed to transfer Glen and Glenda’s souls to live human bodies.

In Curse of Chucky, Chucky arrived at the door of Nica’s home, who was then living with his mother Sarah. When Sarah was found dead on their home, Nica’s sister, Barb along with her husband and other family friends came to live her. By that time, Chucky went on a killing spree again, murdering the people inside the house one by one.

Nica discovered that Chucky was alive and sought the help of his sister’s husband. However, Ian thought that Nica was the one responsible for the murders before Chucky came out to kill him. Nica was implicated by Chucky who told her that her mother was the one responsible why he got killed by the police while he was on the run. The authorities arrested Nica and she was eventually sent an asylum. Meanwhile, Chucky was sent to her next target, Alice, Nica’s niece.

Chucky was also sent to a now fully grown man, Andy but Andy was already waiting for him with a shotgun.