Prepare yourself for the raunchiest ride of your life. Sex, blood, and violence invades The Syfy Channel

Syfy’s newest series is going a bit old school. It’s really unique in its vision offering the very first program of its kind, bringing Grindhouse Cinema to a Cable Television Network.

Midnight Grindhouse presents “ Blood Drive. “ a cult style, sexploitation post-apocalyptic nightmare. Set in LA 1999 ( the future ) where it’s now a barren wasteland due to severe climate change and rampant crime.

Only the most severe violent acts are punishable in a city has fallen prey to corrupt law enforcement and vicious blood-crazed savages.

The city’s only hope is the last honest cop ( Arthur Bailey ) who gets caught up in a ring of bizarre underground car races where the vehicles use human blood as the fuel source.

The idea of the race is simple, Don’t be the last participant to cross the checkpoints otherwise your head will blow up as punishment for being the loser. Sorry, no partition trophies given out in this blood soaked competition.

Best way to describe this fresh twist of mayhem, is if you mixed Roger corman’s Death Race 2000 with the Road Warrior movies. Not a bad combo for true horror junkies.

This might very well be the most controversial TV program to ever hit the airwaves, due to its intense graphic nature.

Fans of the Grindhouse concept should be very satisfied. Blood Drive makes its grueling premier June 14th on the Syfy Channel. Look out Walking Dead there’s a new bloodbath to hit the scene.

Official Trailer: