For months now American Horror Story has been torturing fans with numerous YouTube teasers for its upcoming season thus making it very confusing to figure out what the actual theme for season 6 is going to be.

As the excitement  builds moving closer to the premiere on Sept.14th one has to wonder if there’s more lying beneath the surface of its logo. What’s behind all the mystery? Why go through all this trouble. Why the need for so much secrecy. Well, it seems that Hollywood has major a trick up their sleeve once again for the horror world.

Fx recently revealed their hidden agenda by announcing its ultimate prize package. One lucky winner shall win a 2017 C300C Mercedes-Benz and more. Contestants are asked to choose between 6 teasers. Registered fans who pick the correct video will be entered automatically into a drawing to win the grand prize. The correct teaser along with sweep winner will be revealed the night of season 6’s premiere.

Although some may find all of this frustrating, you must admit, it’s a pretty clever marketing strategy. Be sure and check out the link below for all 26 teasers.