About Reviews

Every week we review horror films.  In general our goal is to review stuff in the theaters, redbox, hulu and Netflix.  We will try to alternate.  In some cases if we can source an indie and get a screener we will review that if we are excited about the projects.

The goal is to post a new review every Wednesday.  Each review will feature our silly ugly mugs talking about it for our youtube channel.  Due to editing the video will be posted as soon as we can get it finished. Please subscribe to the youtube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/c/GoreHor

We came up with this ranking system which we feel will help you pick out which films you want to might want to watch.  It also gives us the ability to rank films.  Each of us will list our rankings 10 criteria for each film on a 5 point scale with a total of 100 points possible.

1 – Overall
How was the movie?
2 – Entertainment
Was it entertaining to watch or was I bored?
3 – Worth Watching
Are there elements that are interesting enough to make even a bad movie worth watching?  Some movies are worth watching if your a horror fan or particularly like certain niches within the horror category.
4 – Story
Was the story good?   Was the concept interesting or was it a contrived rip off of all the great horror movies that have already come out?
5 – Acting
Quality of actors ability to perform.  Pretty typical in most of the horror movies we watch to have bad acting.
6 – Gore
Did it have gore?   This is where we got our name so we wanted to give movies that are particularly gory a little extra boast on our rating scale.
7 – Scary/Horror
Was I scared.  Probably the most important aspect for a horror movie.  Was it really a horror movie or did they just try to jump on the marketing bandwagon?
8 – Suspense
Are you going to be at the edge of your seat?   A lot of movies in the horror genre are suspense/thrillers so they are going to get penalized in the horror and gore categories.  Good horror films should in most cases be suspenseful.
9 – Production Value
Sound and cinematography (not FX)   This one is particularly important in the sound department.  If a movie doesn’t have good sound it becomes tough to watch.  We notice a common problem with low budget indie films in the sound department so we wanted to be able to ding poor sound films.
10 – Makeup/FX
Self explanatory.

If you have a feature length horror film that is really good give us a shout out on facebook or twitter (@gorehorcom) about getting your film reviewed.  Keep in mind we are very honest in our reviews and we don’t give out good scores just because we like you.  If you are concerned with your review take a look at what we have said about similar films before we end up crucifying your film.  But on the other hand we on average add about 100 new twitter followers a day and 100 new people to facebook that are very niche specific and big time horror fans.  Twitter metrics list our #1 audience as Horror at 80%.  Also 78% of our audience is interested in movie news.